Please see the items below for our current pricing. Weddings booked a calendar year of more in advance receive the current pricing and will not be subject to inflation. Clear glass, pleated metal (brass or silver) or birch bark vessels are included with your centerpiece designs. We also have a collection of unique vessels that can be rented. Please note that we are a specialty cut flower design studio on a flower farm. We are a good match for folks who have specific color and style preferences and seek sustainably grown flowers, but we may not be the right florists for folks who just need that one certain rose. Take a look at the Wedding Gallery page or our Instagram account for a clearer sense of the many kinds of flowers that grow here in the Adirondacks. We have varieties that conventional florists would love to have but can't easily get. We have a $2000 delivery and installation minimum on wedding orders, but we fill smaller orders for pick-up at our farm, and we have many clients who chose that option, too!

Personal Flowers:

Bridesmaid's bouquet

A sweet bouquet with styling to match the bridesmaid's attire. Hand tied with your choice of silk or satin ribbons. $95

Bride's bouquet

A gorgeous, full bouquet, styled to the bride's preference and hand tied with your choice of silk or satin ribbons. $225


A thoughtfully crafted floral element for a jacket lapel. Tied with silk ribbon $20

Junior BridesMaid's bouquet

This smaller bouquet is just right for a junior bridesmaid or a simpler look. Hand tied $65

Flower crown

A styled-to-your preference design built on an adjustable headband that can be worn as a headband or more like a tiara $100

wrist or pin-on Corsage

Beautiful metal cuff jewelry corsage or magnetic shoulder corsage $38

Flower girl crown

Small floral and greens crown, built on an adjustable headband $68

Floral Jewelry

We craft beautiful custom floral jewelry for clients who are looking for something a little different. It might be a wide collar necklace, a bracelet, a fascinator hat, or a delicate, rambling temporary fresh flower "tattoo." These are beautifully curated items for creative clients. Prices vary.

Ceremony & Reception Flowers:

Large Arrangement

These arrangements are great for welcoming guests to a ceremony or reception area or for framing the couple during the ceremony. $225

Floral chair Element

Small hanging arrangements to line the aisle or welcome reception guests $42

Mini bottle selections

Choose from our vast collection of specialty clear glass bottles in just about every shape. Your vessel choices will be paired with coordinating single flowers. A pretty accent to pair with table garlands $36

Medium Arrangement

This type of arrangement is perfect for en escort card or gift table $175

Small Arrangement

These little arrangements are popular cocktail table decorations. They also look sweet on the bar or as a thoughtful addition in restrooms at the reception $68

Large centerpiece

These larger centerpieces serve 8 to 10-person tables well $165


This size design works well for 6-8 person long tables or 8-person round tables $110

flowers for the Cake

We'll provide a collection of beautiful flowers and greens for your cake. Cake decorating service included. $45

Arbor Designs

There are so many different ways to approach designing an arbor. From flower curtains, to garlands and large arrangements - we can make your dream ceremony happen. Please describe your preferences on your inquiry form and share photos to help us get a sense for what you'd like. Generally, arbor spray designs cost $325 and full arbor decorations are about $950. 

Tent Decorations

Looking to add some magic to your tented reception? There is nothing quite like a beautiful rambling design creeping up the tent poles and reaching out toward the chandeliers. Approximately $600 per/pole for greenery. $800 with built in floral designs. Have your own idea for a large installation? Let's talk and make it happen!