Holiday Giveaway: Tea and Wreaths

Raffle WINNER: Mikaela Anneser

It was zero Farenheit this morning when I took my daughter to school. I’m sure that sounds pretty cold and miserable to a lot of folks, but we brace ourselves for the -25F mornings. Last year, Christmas was shrouded by some early frosty temps in the -20s. I hope we don’t go down that far early again this year. That’s January weather!

Anyhow- few things sound nicer to me than getting cozy with a cup of tea and making some holiday decorations when the weather is tough. I sell my handmade wreaths at a local farm store (Sugarhouse Creamery) that offers goods when the farmers’ markets end in October. They have good foot traffic and are closer to Lake Placid than we are.

I delight in seeing all the different kinds of wreaths that flood Instagram this time of year. If you want some quick inspiration, check out Thomas Bloom Flowers on Instagram for year-round ideas. I love me a good wreath in the spring, summer, and fall, too!

holiday giveaway

A copy of The Wreath Recipe Book is included in our giveaway this time. It is a lovely how-to for wreaths all year-long. I also have a sweet mug, a ‘Holiday’ tea tin from Harney and Sons, and samples of their new Athletea(s) that were designed by local entrepreneur, Mara Smith, for active people. They help with performance and recovery hydration. And they work great. (and this is not sponsored!) You can check them out or order your own here! I see that Harney & Sons is offering some online holiday discounts, too— yea!

Stay warm out there folks. Happy holidays.