Wholesale Flower Survey

Hello designers!

As we work to prepare for the upcoming season and the opening of our wholesale flower shop, I’d love to learn more abut the kinds of flowers and colors you’re looking for and when. This is particularly helpful for assisting you with event work. Of course - there is no pressure to buy ANY of our goods. I’d just like to identify your wants in hopes of being able to provide products that are of use. Your reply will also help me know when to reach out with suggestions for products you might like.

Thank you so much.



FLOWERs/Greens for 2019

Before I take up any of your valuable time: please let me know if there is a better way to collect this information from you. I'm happy to call or visit if you prefer. *
May: Desired colors
Early June: Desired colors
Late June: Desired colors
Early July; Desired colors
Late July: Desired colors
Early August: Desired colors
Late August: Desired colors
Early September: Desired colors
Late September: Desired colors
Early October: Desired colors
Late October: Desired colors