From the Tiniest Seed...

When we learned we were moving away from Bethlehem, NH just six months ago, we started to think about the things we'd miss most about our time in the beautiful White Mountains. Our appreciation for a small cut flower farm in nearby Sugar Hill rose to the top of the list immediately. We'd fallen hard for Vanessa and Reggie Tarr's glorious blooms and arrangements. So taken were we by the impending absence of TarrNation Flower Farm blooms in our life, that we started planting and growing some of the varieties we knew we'd miss the most. Our flower journey began with just a few packets of seeds: Iceland poppies, Chantilly snapdragons, and some bright purple zinnias. We babied those seeds through our move and planted them next to our little farmhouse in southern New Hampshire. Thank your inspiring us, TarrNation. We are forever grateful for your words of encouragement and those dahlia tubers you passed on. 

The first Chantilly snapdragon harvest of the 2016 season.

Our Chantilly pink and bronze snapdragons harvested with Benary's Giant purple zinnias.

Now, as the end of our first season comes to a close, we're looking forward to sharing our reflections- successes and mistakes and all the stuff in between- as well as everything that our little farm has in store for the future. Here, we grow. 

Mid-summer's softer colors in foxglove, delphinium, malva, coreopsis, ballon flower, and scabiosa.

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