Linda D'Arco, Farmer-Florist

Lizzie Wilford, Adirondack Farming Maven. Design Assistant. (not pictured)

Little Grower
Official Helper

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A design studio with its own flower farm in the heart of the Adirondack Park.

Hello! My name is Linda D'Arco. I am owner and lead designer at Little Farmhouse Flowers. I have always loved growing things and enjoy the power of nature through the lens of flowers. In 2014, I discovered small-scale specialty cut flower growing, and I was smitten! When we decided to open a design studio, we knew we’d be growing our flowers and greens - there just wasn’t going to be any other way. Looking for our forward-thinking design services? Click here

Madie Deffe , Flower Farming and Design Assistant

Madie Deffe, Flower Farming and Design Assistant

Little Grower   Official Helper

Little Grower

Official Helper