Find Your Match: Lake Placid Wedding Planners

There are a ton of experienced wedding planners in the Lake Placid area, and it is a good thing! Each year, our area is host to many beautiful events - during every season. There is a venue to suit just about anyone's interests. Whether you're interested in a lakeside ceremony surrounded by family and guests, a quiet mountain-top elopement, a grand great camp retreat, or a sweet ceremony in a small, rural church, Lake Placid and the surrounding area likely has what you are looking for. 

We took some time this month to check in with some of local planners and share their passion for wedding and event planning. Learn more about their unique talents and backgrounds below.  (Listed in no particular order) These folks are not sponsors of our farm, studio or website and they paid no fees to be listed here, unlike commercial wedding sites that favor vendors who "pay to play" no matter their location or quality of service. I can promise you that these planners are local, real people who love what they do!



Sophia Morton (Wink & Willow)

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Why do you love what you do?

To me, weddings are visual art. I love being creative, styling a big picture vision, and getting my hands dirty. I enjoy working with two people who love each other, no matter what kind of love that is, to help their story come to life. Wedding planners are people who know how to get sh*t done and we understand logistics. We swoop in when there is a moment of high stress and high emotion, and save the day.

What life experiences led to you to what you do? In short what's your story?

Event planning came easy during my philanthropic involvement at the University of Vermont. The moment I graduated I looked for opportunities that allowed me to express my creativity while also working for a cause. That lead me to the American Cancer Society and then a local hunger relief organization. Never did I think I would work in the wedding industry. When I finally took an event planning position at the stunning, Shelburne Farms, I was surprised to learn that weddings were for me. My first wedding, I remember thinking, wow this is nuts and high-stress but I love it. It allows me to dive into the most personal time in someone's life while lending a hand and thinking outside of the box. It's definitely not for everyone, but something in my gut pushed me to pursue it further. Eventually, I took the risk and launched my own event firm, Wink and Willow. Now, I can't get enough!

Fill in the blank. When I'm not at work I'm...

Relaxing with my puppy, in a boat, in the middle of the lake.

Learn more about Sophia and Wink & Willow at:

Alexis Gaines (Placid Planner)

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Why do you love what you do?

I love destination wedding planning because it allows me to use my sales & marketing background to promote my amazing hometown to future couples. I especially love that I am able to use my many local connections to build not just a wonderful wedding day, but more important to me, a full wedding weekend for my couples and their guests. I love incorporating outside-the-box activities that include every wedding guest and as many locations as possible. Whether it be a welcome party at one of our Olympic venues, an outdoor activity or planning the best morning after brunch it's all about giving my clients the full service they deserve. I am usually not satisfied until I hear the clients and guests raving that they can't wait to come back to Lake Placid for another visit.

What life experiences led to you to what you do? In short what's your story?

I started my event planning career in college where as a business student I executed events on campus for the Board of Trustees and Office of Alumni Affairs. For many years after college I was an Account Executive and sold advertising campaigns to (a few) local businesses, but the majority of accounts were national companies looking to target Lake Placid. -Companies like Chevy, Labatt Blue, Budweiser, Subaru and NYS Lottery. From there I dove into promoting Lake Placid as the Director of Sales for the local Visitor’s Bureau (now Roost). In 2010, I started ADK Aquatics, LLC with my then boyfriend and this was also the year we decided that we wanted to spend our off-season living in Hawaii. In Hawaii I began ‘helping’ friends and friends of friends plan their weddings. In 2012, I decided to open a planning business where I focused on the seasonal clientele in both states. After a lot of thought and knowing that I would have to spend more time in Lake Placid and less in Hawaii – I established Placid Planner, LLC in 2015. The business allows me to stay busy when I need, but it also ensures that that I am able travel and do the things that I love.

Fill in the blank. When I'm not at work I'm...

I am never not working, but my favorite place to do work and book new clients is from my iphone on a warm beach :)

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Leah and Abby Hunter (Olde Maple Events)

Why do you love what you do?

We get to make people’s visions come alive so they can celebrate momentous occasions in their lives.

What life experiences led to you to what you do? In short what's your story?

Growing up as sisters we organized and decorated everything from lemonade stands to neighborhood carnivals. No occasion was too big or too small for us to pull out our craft box and use our imaginations to create something special for our family and friends. After years of practice, our craft box has turned into craft rooms, but we are lucky to be doing what we have always loved, creating one of a kind experiences that make people happy on their special day.

Fill in the blank. When we're not at work we're...

Walking our dogs through the woods!

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