Dahlia Shop Thank You

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the online store to purchase some dahlias! We were overwhelmed by the attention our sale received this month. We couldn't have dreamed of selling out, and we're nearly there. Just one variety left!

All dahlia tubers will ship in April to prevent damage from the cold. We'll be sure to keep purchasers in the loop.

As with our late season tulip sale, we are very proud to have been able to fill a void and play a role in helping some others fulfill their flower growing dreams. We hope to be able to offer some more creative approaches to bulb, corm, and tuber sales in the near future that might help folks who are a little bigger than retail, but not quite wholesale. It can be tricky to farm small. We definitely understand that!

So, we're excited by what the future holds, and we hope you'll stop by again soon to learn more. Or- sign up for the newsletter for updates and announcements from our shop. 

With so much gratitude,