Cold Climate Rose Wish List

Connecting with my friend, Felicia, at Menagerie Farm and Flower with this month had me thinking abut our rose collection and wondering if there are a number of varieties out there that I had not heard of. Felicia tipped me off to the Parkland series which is bred for colder regions. So I dug a little deeper and put together a collection of our favorites and the some varieties we'd love to try. 

Felicia will be selling bare root rose bushes through her new business Menagerie Farm and Flower, and you can sign up for her waiting list to learn more about them. Be sure to read her introduction on our blog here!

Finding cold climate roses (for zones 3 and 4) that will be good for cut flowers and for wedding and event design can be a little tricky. There seem to be far fewer varieties that are softer in color. Reds and magentas are readily available, but you'll have to look a little harder for the creams and whites, blush colors, peachy pinks and cream-yellows for event work. 

Varieties listed with an * are part of our own collection in the trial rose garden on our farm. The others - well we'll add a few more this spring and keep lusting over the others! Let us know ion the comments which ones you think we should get! These roses are listed as being hardy down to zone 4. A few of them can go down to zone 3. Felicia at Menagerie has some good tips for caring for roses in cold climates. 

Enjoy the warm and fluffy pics!