This Month's Giveaway: Gardener's Delight

Update: This month's giveaway raffle winner is Denise Foss. Congrats, Denise!

This month's newsletter subscription raffle is a gardener's dream. We have eight packets of organic, non-GMO seeds that I hand picked from Siskiyou Seeds! They are all seeds that can be started right now and enjoyed this season. If you're still in the market for seeds, be sure to check out their website and consider buying your seeds from this wonderful coalition of farmers out west. And check out this great Q & A with Stacey from Siskiyou!

Also in the line-up: one of our signature gardening aprons. It is made of heavy weight denim, has a sweet polka-dot trim, and is embroidered with our logo. It was made by local artists and small business owners. We're proud to support them. These are also available in our online shop.

And, to top it off, I'm sharing two of my favorite gardening tools. These are great for harvesting flowers. We keep a basket of each kind on the farm. The red handled pair of shears is a Japanese design, made of hardened steel. They are long lasting and good for cutting just about every kind of flower we grow. The smaller gray pair is great for getting in and out of netting. I use them for harvesting more delicate flowers, like sweet peas and cosmos. I also love that they can be closed quickly with one hand so that I don't have to juggle the flowers I'm holding. Both pairs of garden shears are also available in my shop

Good luck to the readers! The raffle winner will be announced March 31. You can register for the newsletter and be included in our monthly raffles here