Consultations for Your Flower Business

Are you new to flower growing and/or thinking about getting started with a garden or small farm? Maybe you want to do some floral design work, too? I receive lots of requests about all sorts of things related to flower farming, floral design, and online marketing. To meet the needs of those queries, I offer consultations by phone.

I’ve found that these calls can save folks a lot of time and frustration. I’ll help answer any flower-related question you have, and if I don’t have the answer on the tip of my tongue, I’ll share follow up information via email after our chat. My expertise is in sustainable flower growing in colder climates and forward-thinking floral design, but I also have career experience in photography, marketing, and communications - including organic search engine optimization.

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I LOVE sharing info, that’s why I keep my blog going and put it out there for everyone. But I also really love brainstorming and solving problems with others. There’s all that stuff that I’ve learned - often the hard way - like the right person to talk to at a bulb company, which stores carry the materials/tools you’ve been told to purchase, is that online class worth the price tag, etc.

The best way for me to tailor a plan for you is to talk directly with you and understand your situation and goals.

I book 1-hr flower growing/design/marketing consultations with interested folks in the US and Canada. To learn more, please email me at Not convinced? Just think about how much you could glean (and quickly!) from a 1:1 conversation with someone as opposed to sitting in a big class (in person or online), trolling for information on various websites, driving around looking for the things you need for a project, testing out website building platforms, being disappointed when your wholesale bulb order doesn’t look like you thought it would, or sifting through social media posts to name a few!

Take some time for YOU and your goals and SAVE TIME on unnecessary hustling! Drop me a line and we’ll find a time to chat. The hour-long consultations are available in my online shop. I look forward to talking flowers with you soon!


A little background info.:

  • I’m a graduate of a high-profile on-farm flower growing and design intensive (that you’ve probably heard of), and I’ve been growing and designing with flowers professionally for three years. The “tough early lessons” are still fresh in my mind, and while my time in this arena is not long, I have managed to build a thriving and profitable business that suits my goals of providing refined, sustainable floristry to my community, the greater Adirondack Park region, and Vermont.

  • I’m a huge consumer of information. I LOVE learning, and I gobble up, test out, build up and break down all sorts of ideas related to flower farming and floral design. My business and ideas have been described as: forward-thinking, original, and enterprising.

  • Before I entered floral design and flower farming I was a career independent high school administrator and teacher, serving in a variety of roles including Dean of Faculty, Founding Director of a Center for Inquiry-Driven Learning and then Founding Director of a Center for Innovation, Director of Communications, and Digital Art and Design Teacher.

  • But my interests in communications and design were cemented at my very first job with the Discovery Channel’s online advertising department where I reported directly to the Vice President of Marketing and prepared proposals for Fortune 500 companies.

  • I have a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree that brought together my love of design and writing though programs in Political Science and Art/Art History.

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