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What is Available?

Our wedding and event flowers are seasonal, which means that your event will have the freshest flowers perfectly matched to your date. From rare specialty tulips and daffodils in the spring, to peonies (again- we love the fancy ones!), garden roses, and then finally dahlias in the fall - we can meet any color and style preference. We spend hours pulling your custom visual proposal together, and it will include any extra varieties we might want to fall back on - just to be sure you have a clear sense for the availability of flowers. Have a certain dream flower that you just have to have for your day? No problem, we are connected to all of the best growers in the country and we can get your protea, specialty roses, succulents, etc.


Locally grown flowers are cut at the last possible moment to meet your event's schedule. It's hard to explain how amazing fresh cut flowers are. When you compare local blooms to those that have been shipped hundreds of miles in tight boxes, there really is no contest. We use the same post-harvest care methods as conventional florists and store our flowers in a walk-in cooler, too. But the varieties are seasonally appropriate to the Adirondacks - and often un-sourceable than those from wholesale distributors. We are part of the growing seed-to-vase movement, and we grow and nurture uncommon and uncommonly beautiful flowers. We have extensive collections of flowers, and we're always adding more to the farm. From romantic sweet peas to hundreds of dahlias - our flowers are anything but ordinary. Our lead grower is an alumna of Floret Flower Farm's on-farm workshop program, and we're members of the Farmer-Florist Collective, the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, and Women Who Farm. Linda studies with industry-leading designers in the US and internationally.

Can I afford Specialty Cut Flowers?

YES! We try to work with clients of all budgets. If our Full Service floral planning and design service is not right for you and you’d like to take a more DIY approach, we sell flowers by the bucket for you to assemble on your own. We also offer designed pieces for pick-up so you can have us design some things like tricky personal flowers and tackle the others on your own. Unfortunately we can’t offer installation work (arbor designs and flower walls, etc) with pick-up orders.

What if I want to change my order?

No problem. You can edit or add to your wedding order up to 30 days prior to your event. Your flowers and greens will be grown to meet your style and color preferences. We can add extra centerpieces to your order or change personal flower numbers, etc. 

What if there is a weather Disaster and all of your crops are ruined? 

Our services begin here on our farm, but we will never sacrifice your event or happiness on the rare occasion that unpredictable weather damages our crops. If our plants fail, we go next to other local growers whom we know and trust. If we can't find what we need at their farms, we go to the regional floral wholesale distributor in Burlington, VT - the same place conventional florists source all of their flowers, and we select flowers and greens that make sense for your style and our location. There is no change in price for wholesale flowers. 

Do you have Design fees?

No. The full price of our items (except for tax and delivery/installation-if you want it) is as listed on our sample Pricing page. Prices are subject to change and vary per customer depending on designs. All of our work is custom. Prices account for flowers, vessels and other supplies, design planning, and labor.

How do I reserve your wedding design services?

Wedding/event dates are reserved upon our receipt of the contract and deposit listed on the invoice summary that comes with your visual proposal.