Lake Placid Wedding Flowers

Congratulations on your engagement and your choice of wedding location! Lake Placid is a beautiful place for weddings, and it's dramatic views and wide range of outdoor activities are what drew us to the area, too! We are the nearest dedicated flower farm and floral design studio to Lake Placid, at just 25 minutes away in Jay, New York. The vast majority of our couples are wed at Lake Placid venues and private residences, so chances are good that we are familiar with your wedding site! We offer both delivery to and installation at Lake Placid venues and pick-up options from our farm here in Jay. With a wide range of options from full service custom design of arbors and large arrangements to bulk flowers by the bucket, we can meet almost any wedding floral design budget. Now that you've chosen your location in Lake Placid learn more about matching locally grown flowers to your Adirondack event. 

What does it mean to work with a flower farm/design studio, instead of a conventional florist? How does pricing work? How can you reserve a date for floral design services? See our Frequently Asked Questions page. 


Go Local!

In the 1980s and 90s, 80% of US flower growers went out of business as trade agreements began to favor South American growers with longer growing seasons, inexpensive labor, and unrestricted use of pesticides that are banned here in the U.S. Very little has changed in the conventional flower industry since then. Instead of purchasing flowers primarily from American growers, florists often source their product from regional wholesalers, who get it from distributors, who ship it in from far away places. But there is a new movement in the U.S. to bring back locally grown flowers that make aesthetic sense in our events, serve local bees and pollinators, and contribute to the sustainability and beauty of our towns and cities. -That's right, there are even urban flower farms popping up in many cities. We are just one small drop in this movement, and we're proud that our flowers get to play an important role in so many special events right here in the Adirondacks!


the details

We take pride in every wedding piece we make, from the very first sowing of flower seeds in January, to the last boutonniere tied in the fall. You can rest assured that the details of your Lake Placid wedding are in good hands with us! Meet us here.


Your vision

Have a special vision for your wedding day? We'd love to learn more. From sourcing special vessels, to ordering seeds and bulbs just for you, we work hard to make your wedding day all that you've dreamed of. Inquire about weddings here