The Bulb Shop is Open!

We are excited to share some spring beauty with customers this fall. We have some extra bulbs that are now for sale in our online shop. There are lots of different specialty tulip varieties- several of which are sold out everywhere else!

Collectors who act fast can find La Belle Epoque and Sensual Touch Tulips. I'm also sharing some of our 'Cummins' bulbs- a beautiful and rare fringed purple tulip. 

All tulip offerings are double, parrot, or fringed. There are also 3 types of specialty narcissus available and a Leucojum variety. We ordered only size 12+bulbs - and these are the same flowers that I've been coveting for our own beds. --The same flowers that will flood our own Instagram feed in the spring! I hope they will bring much joy to your gardens as well!