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March Newsletter

Dahlia cuttings: Part 2, making landscape fabric jigs, Friends in Flowers, and our big MOVE!

Happy spring! This month we've seen even more "warmer than usual days" than I could have anticipated. A look into the temperatures for January and February revealed that we had more of a zone 4 winter than our historical zone 3. But, we're back in the snow now thanks to Blizzard Stella. Lake Placid received a grand total of 41 inches of snow- the most from the storm. Our young pup appeared to have thought she'd fallen into water when she stepped off the back stoop of our apartment into all the white fluff and had to remember how to swim!

But, we are holding out hope that the High Peaks area will start to look more spring-like soon and that feels even more relevant now that we've decided to move our little flower farming operation here to upstate New York. This summer, we'll offer our services to customers in Lake Placid, Jay, Upper Jay, Keene, Saranac Lake, and neighboring Adirondack towns and villages. Stay tuned for news of our weekly offerings at local farmers' markets. And, if you're interested in working with us on an event, please be in touch soon by phone or the contact form on our website. We've already started to schedule events for the summer months. We are sad to say goodbye to our work in southern New Hampshire but excited for this opportunity to invest more time in the work that we love!

This month's giveaway is a copy of The Dirty Life, by Kristin Kimball. 

"...With wisdom and humor, Kristin Kimball describes how she abandoned her career in New York City, leaving behind everything she thought was important for a hard, distinctly unglamorous existence that turns out to be the most fulfilling thing she’s ever done.” — Jeannette Walls, author of The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses

Our second round of dahlia cutting propagation news is here! See what month two brought and learn about the health and progress of our first cuttings. Read more

We built Floret Flowers' landscape fabric hole-burning jigs. Here, find complete plans with the measurements all laid out for you and click through shopping links! Read more

Lastly, there are just two and half weeks until my trip to Washington state. I can't wait to share all kinds of tips from my experience at Floret Flower Farm. April's newsletter will be full of reflections and things learned from one of the country's best cut flower farms. More than anything, I'm looking forward to connecting with small-scale flower farmers and gardeners like those who have already played significant roles in my journey


Banner illustrations by ArtnerDluxe (aka Kerri Elliot) of Vancouver, Bristish Columbia. 

Our First Season

Our First Season

Slip-ups and successes from our first season on the farm. There were a lot of places to go wrong, and I think we found most of them. But, in the end many things worked out. If we can figure this out, you can, too. Here is a summary of our first season of flower farming and a list of projects that we have lined up for 2017.