Dahlia Tuber Offerings

It feels a little special/spiritual to use the word “offering” in the title of this post, but I think fellow dahlia lovers know why that word seems right.

Dahlias are special. You mother them through the season and, in the fall, you are blessed with a harvest of their multiplied tubers. Its pretty amazing to pull up that first plant in October and see the extra reward, as if enjoying their flowers all summer wasn’t already enough, right?!

Again, we’re sharing our excess dahlia tubers in my online shop. We have a number of wonderful and lesser-known varieties to sell. I’ve received a few requests from folks who are getting excited and are eager to know what will be for sale. Here is our list and the shopping link! I’m also excited to be able to offer these tubers at the lowest or close to the lowest retail prices you will find. I did some research and digging. I hope I’m able to help more of you grow more flowers.

The shop descriptions include a plant-to-tuber ratio (so you can see which types will be more likely to make more tubers for you), notes on which varieties bloomed first, who bounced back from over heating in our greenhouse best, which ones produced lots of blooms and what their growth habits looked like, etc. I’m a bit of nerd regarding the info., so I’ll share it best I can!

Thinking about planting dahlias for wedding or event work? Or maybe for your own special day? Dahlias bloom in late summer and early fall before frost. Ours bloom reliably from August to October here in the North Country (zone 4).

So here we go.

2019 Dahlia Tuber Varieties for Sale