This Month's Giveaway

This month, I lost my beloved ARS Garden Shears for a couple of days. I've gotten used to leaving the odd tool or coffee mug around the farm when I get distracted by a pest or weed and just have to put down everything I'm holding to take care of the problem. I always find the missing thing again. No big deal. 

But when I noticed my ARS shears were missing from my tool belt, I went into a bit of a panic. First- there were given to me at a Floret Workshop- so there is, admittedly, a sentimental connection. Second, as Erin Benzakein of Floret touts, they really are the best shears out there for the plants and for your hands. I made a quick run to the local hardware store to pick up an alternative pair. After just a few hours of use, my hands were aching. It was taking a whole lot of effort just to use the tool. 

So, when I was thinking up a nice giveaway for this month, there was no contest. A brand new pair of ARS Garden Shears is headed to one lucky newsletter subscriber soon. The drawing will be July 31st at 9pm. I'm excited to share this tool with a friend.

And by the way...I did find my own shears a few days later ;)