The Exuberant Garden

This month's newsletter subscriber raffle giveaway is a treasure! Local gardening hero, Nick Woodin (writer) and his niece (Alee Corbalis, illustrator) teamed up on this beautiful book about hardy perennials. Nick and his wife used to run a perennial plant nursery here in Jay. They still keep an amazing garden. In addition to gardening and writing, Nick also saves local flower farmers when they get in a bind (aka me!). I know where to look when I don't have enough of this or that for event work. Anyhow, this is my go-to book as I look to add to my perennial collection this fall. Nick is a true expert, and the descriptions of the plants and tips for growing them are both beautiful and real. He shares all the details the commercial plant companies don't tell you- like what the plants look like after they bloom, how you'll know when they need dividing, and which varieties naturalize easier. This time of year is so crazy in the flower world, but I am finding time to enjoy this 68-page book of cold climate perennial wonders. -And- by the way, the illustrations are gorgeous, too. If you don't win this month, you can find your own copy of The Exuberant Garden Happy gardening :) Link in profile for joining newsletter.


Update: This month's winner is Liz Rhodes. Congratulations!