Helpful Spring Tips from Past Posts

I was flattered to see a few posts floating around the inter-webs recently. People are gearing up for spring and flowers and some of the things we shared last year are proving useful. 

Here is a quick hit list for those of you who might be looking for some of those resources.

Our how-to post on making the Floret Flower Farm landscape fabric burning jigs seems most popular. In it, I outline specific instructions and share the diagrams I made in order to place holes properly. It is not a difficult process, but if you read this, you can save yourself some time doing the geometry. How-to Make Landscape Fabric Hole-Burning Jigs

Adding drip irrigation to your flower beds? Here is a detailed how-to post for that, too, with photos and thorough explanations. How-to Install Drip Irrigation

drip irrigation

And lastly- for those of you working in tight spaces and/or making use of soil blocking for whatever reason. Here is post about that, with lots of links and videos. How-to: Seed Sowing with Soil Blocks  

Looking for help with a specific task? Please share your ideas for future posts in the comments below. I'd love to help you figure something out.